Would we go back?

That is a question that we get asked a lot by other people that we meet from time to time who are also from interstate (I’m still refusing to call it “the mainland”!). My answer is, although I do miss Sydney (and the excitement of living in Sydney and the food), I wouldn’t move back there by choice (well, okay, if I won lotto I would go back to Sydney and buy a house in the area that we used to live in and I would alternate living in that house and this house – but then the poor dogs would be flying back and forth all the time so that’s probably not a very practical option!). I think I speak for Tim as well when I say that our life is generally pretty good down here and if it weren’t for one or two things (like Tim’s current travelling distance to work and also that we still have a little bit of work to do to get our house just how we want it), it would be perfect. We are quite content down here and although it’s just us two, I think we are okay with that. The good thing is that through this website and through my stall at Salamanca we are starting to meet people and connections are being made here and there.

As a result of living down here, I have noticed a weird change in myself – I think I have become much more open and somewhat chatty with other people as a result of living down here. I used to be a complete shrinking violet and rarely came out of my shell. I suppose it’s come about by going to Salamanca and having conversations with strangers and fellow stallholders that I’ve been forced into talking to people – shock, horror!! Also, by running this website I am sharing small parts of my life to anyone who cares to read it. Although I am still pretty quiet, if I were to go back to Sydney, I think I would be different to what I was before.

Yes, there are some things about Tasmania that I find frustrating and concerning (I think I’ll make a post about those things in the near future – so watch this space!) but really it’s all good for us. We have our 3 dogs, we have our big garden, we have our cute weatherboard house (which we are gradually making our own), we each earn money (even though there could always be more) and we each have our health. With the weather starting to warm up beautifully we are now very much looking forward to summer – I think we already have some family members booked in for a visit!

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3 comments on “Would we go back?

  1. I think generally there’s always something you miss about your home state & Tassie can be frustrating at times. If I won the lottery, I would buy a house back in my previous state but realistically I would prob miss my Tassie country lifestyle, to go thru with it. Sometimes the cold weather is annoying but then at least there’s rainfall & just when it’s driving you crazy, it changes again to sunshine. I’ve definitely chilled out, slowed down & truly relish connecting with people. I have less money but am time rich!!

    • We just did our first trip back to Sydney after having moved to Hobart 6 months ago. I was concerned we would return to Sydney and feel great pangs to move back to be among familiar old friends and in amongst the exciting hustle and bustle again. We didn’t. In fact, our trip back to Sydney (as fantastic as it was) was completely affirming of our decision to move to Hobart. We headed HOME feeling excited about returning to Hobart and it has given us a refreshing reminder of why we moved in the first place. Renee

  2. Simone on said:

    Are you ready to say mainland yet? That is when you are truly a local :)

    As a fellow taswegian, I try not to tell many people about where I’m from as I don’t want too many people coming to ruin it! My other half (who is not from here) thought I was a bit precious until he came here and saw the light.

    Lovely website and goodluck with the market.