Please share your moving to Tasmania stories

Did you move to Tasmania from elsewhere in Australia? If so, please share your story with us. In particular, please let us know where you lived prior to relocating to Tasmania; why you made the decision to come and live in Tasmania; how you physically got here; what preparations you made before you made the move; whether you sold your possessions before coming to Tasmania or whether you brought your possessions with you; whether you purchased a house or rented; whether you purchased a house prior to moving or whether you waited a little while before purchasing; and finally, whether you found it easy to fit in.

A visit to the beach

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74 comments on “Please share your moving to Tasmania stories

  1. Geoff Steer on said:

    After living in Sydney for the last 40 years, I’m headed to Tasmania later this month to live. I’ve been visiting Tassie several times a year for the last few years so it’s not a sudden decision.
    Not sure where I’ll settle, somewhere in or near Hobart. As I plan to look for work, then the suburbs make sense but I’d really like to live in the Huon or further south. I’ll be renting and only need a small place but it must have a workshop or garage. That’s one thing I’ve missed in Sydney, not having somehwhere to do the woodworking.
    I’ve been packing for the last few weeks and have bought a van to make the move.
    Looking forward to joining the community.


    • Sarah on said:


      Thank you for sharing your moving to Tasmania plans. Please, please re-visit the website once you are here and settled in and tell us how it all went. I for one would be very interested to know how your relocation turned out and I know that there are others who read this website that would also be very interested.

      Thanks and good luck!


    • Sarah on said:

      Hi Geoff,

      Best wishes with everything. Are you down here now? Or still in packing mode? Woud love an update on how you’re going.


      • Geoff on said:

        Hi Sarah,

        I made the move late last month, on the ferry on the 22nd May. I bought my self a large van to carry everything and once I get properly settled, will turn it into a motorhome.
        I spent the first few weeks living with friends in Bellerive with regular trips down to Franklin to the Living Boat Trust to learn about boats.
        I’ve just started house sitting for another friend in Abels Bay. In a word – paradise! (well, two words, cold paradise) No neighbours except the wallabies, parrots and black swans. I’m going the find it hard to move back to Hobart after staying here 3 months.

        • I too am now a resident of the Huon Valley!
          Just moved into a rental property at Port Huon just 17 kms south of Huonville. Fantastic views over Hospital Bay.
          I was volunteering at the Huonville show last week so feel like a native already. Still time to get the summer veggies in :-)

  2. Linda Bernardin on said:


    Love your site. My husband and I are making the move to Port Arthur once our home we are currently in the process of building is complete, hopefuly late August or early September. We live in Townsville, Nth Queensland and are finding the older we get, the heat is becoming more oppressive – not to mention a severe cyclone season this year. We made the decision March 2010 to move to Tassie – we found a fabulous block of land, 1 acre, in Port Arthur, my husband flew down to view, fell in love with Port Arthur and everything about the place, came home, we put in an offer and hence, our home almost at lock-up stage. Some people think we are slightly crazy, particularly as I have never visited Tassie at all and neither had my husband prior to his 4 day visit to view the block!! Something is pulling me there and believe it is ‘fate’ for us to retire there. My husband was in the RAAF for 20 years and since retirement from the airforce in 1996, we have lived and worked in Townsville – our children have grown and now is the time for us to do just what we want, and that is retirement to a more sedate, uncomplicated lifestyle, albiet a tad chillier, but we are looking forward to the colder weather, having to rug up, sitting in front of our slow combustion heater we are having installed, and as Billy Connelly said in his ‘Journey to the Edge of the World’ series, there is no such thing as cold weather, just poor clothing. Since we made this decision, the vast majority of people we tell, are extremely jealous as most people we know have visited Tassie at some stage and all fell in love with every aspect of it – we have also been told to expect lots of visitors. My sister and brother-in-law have already said they will spend Christmas with us – they live in NZ so can’t wait to see them.

    What I have been trying to find out and have not be able to, is, are there any special requirements when moving a dog to Tassie. We have a 18 month neopolitan mastiff who will be coming with us and who also, we think will be looking forward to some cooler weather as she really feels the heat.

    Thanks again for this amazing site.

    Kind regards


    • Linda how are you going down there?? I am having the same pull from FNQ to tassie.. Interested to hear your experience and about the cold??

  3. Sarah on said:

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for sharing your story. Please re-visit the website when you are settled in and give us an update on your new life in Tasmania. I personally would be very interested to hear your progress and how the process of building went for you!

    The week before we moved to Tasmania a friend of ours had to move out of his house and into an apartment. Unfortunately he had a staffy that he could not take with him to the apartment and so he had to find a new home for him. We always wanted to have a dog while we were living in Sydney but as we were renting we weren’t allowed to keep one.

    We always planned to get a dog when we moved to Tasmania and so we adopted our friend’s dog (Smokey) and a few days after we arrived in Tasmania we had Smokey flown to Tasmania from Sydney on a Qantas flight. It was one of the funniest sights we’ve ever seen – a big white dog in a cage looking very confused yet curious and bleary eyed coming down a conveyor belt from inside the belly of an aeroplane!

    There are special requirements when you are bringing a dog into Tasmania. Whether you’re bringing a dog into Tasmania by boat or by plane you need to make sure that within the prior 14 days of the dog’s arrival in Tasmania that it is given a worming tablet that specifically treats the hydatid worm.

    Then when you have given the dog the tablet you need to prepare and swear a statutory declaration that you have given the dog the hydatid worming tablet.

    From memory, when we brought Smokey over a copy of my statutory declaration was placed with the cage so that the quarantine people at Hobart airport could check it.

    We used Dogtainers who collected Smokey from his previous owner’s house and transported him to Sydney airport (apparently they wait with the dog until the dog is boarded onto the plane but I’m not sure how realistic this is). You can also arange for Dogtainers to bring them from the airport to your door but we opted to go to the airport ourselves and pick him up (a bit cheaper that way too). That day was so exciting for us and I am smiling now even as I write this :)

    And one other thing too, make sure that there is an article of your clothing in the cage with the dog so that the dog has something with your scent on it and will make him/her feel a little more at ease in there.

    Information on hydatid disease:

    Information on dog import requirements:

    Broader information about what you can and can’t bring into Tasmania:

    Hope this helps, Linda!


  4. I got pet birds, cockatoos x 2 and other smaller birds, what needs to be done , so I can take them to Tasmania. As having to leave my mates, is not on! That would definitely stop me from going to Tassie!

  5. Sarah on said:

    Hi Bea,

    Thanks for your question. Information on what you can and can’t bring into Tasmania can be found here:

    It’s a definite NO for native birds, not sure about other types of birds. Call AQIS on (03) 6233 6556 and they will be able to tell you if you can bring your birds in.

  6. My. Cockatoos are native birds. I better give them a ring tomorrow and find out. I do hope, I won’t have to leave my birds behind! That wold be threadful! Thanks for the number , Sarah

  7. Sarah, We where all very numb yesterday after this news about the Cockatoos. Normally, we would have been talking about Tasmania or so. Not last night! Everybody with their own thoughts! Should we put them asleep or go to another place?
    Well this morning I rang that number above. They put me into contact with Denise 03-62332279. (better phone number!) Denise told me, after checking, that they will need a permit and I will have to ring her again, but they are fine! Thank God!
    Now steam ahead again, towards Tassie, haha
    Thanks Sarah.

  8. Apparently, when they say native birds, they don’t mean pets. They mean native birds to let go free. Just thought, I clarify this.

  9. Sarah on said:

    Thanks for the update, Bea!


  10. Hi Sarah,
    My Husband and I moved to Tassie in December 2006, from Coffs Harbour in NSW, and have never looked back. We bought a rundown farmhouse on 20 acres in the north west, straight off the internet. We packed all our belongings, our 2 dogs and drove to Melbourne and caught the Spirit. A few months later we were under threat from bush fires which had started from a lightening strike, which we survived. Eight cows and 2 goats later we were in rural bliss, with more sugar snaps and snow peas then we could eat in a lifetime. We rennovated and sold the farm and moved to our next property, a Church. We also rennovated the church and brought the garden to life. We love it here, we are living the dream in Tassie.

    • Hi Kath,

      Thanks for sharing your story.

      Actually, we also looked at a church when we were looking for properties down here. It would have made such a nice open plan house but it was just a little bit too cozy and there wasn’t enough land with it for us. It sounds like churches are your thing! So glad you’re living the dream. Keep up the good work!


  11. Chester on said:

    Hi Sarah,
    I was googling about those people who moved to tasmania and came up with your website. I am really interested in those genuine people who move there and talked about their life in tassie.
    Me and my family are currently here in dublin ireland and we are both working here, but the economy is not great at the moment although we are both working.i just want to ask ur opinion coz i got an offer to work in royal hobart hospital as respiratory technician, and the offer was very good. We dont know if we grab it or not. Its only me who got te job but my wife is a nurse as well so i am not worried about her not getting a job.
    We are in a tough situation at the moment, we have 2 little children and we a better future for them but i dont if the tasmanian economy is gettin worse, i constantly checking the mercury times and it’s all cuts and negative reports about tassie.
    Would u able to give me some feedback about tasmania and if two medical professional couple will do well there in tassie?

    Thanks! Look forward in hearing from you.

    • Hi Chester,

      My advice to you would be to take the job! The economy in Australia isn’t half as bad as the economy in Ireland and although Tasmania is currently cutting public service jobs and I suppose it is in a bit of a financial straight jacket it’s still nothing compared to Ireland. You’ll have a good life here and I would encourage you to take the job.


      • Chester on said:

        Hi Sarah,
        Thanks for your advice,we already made our decision and we are moving to tasmania if thing will push through for our visas etc. I will move there 1st and hope to bring my family in 6-12 months if i am settled. I know Ireland is gettin worse and worse, we are both working but there is no savings at all. What is the average salary to live in tasmania? Would be 1 person working enough for the family? They offered me a decent salary but i dont know if that is enough for my family.Will u able to give me some breakdown of the expenses there in tassie.. Hope to see you someday!!! I love your site.

        • Hi Chester, I was just reading your e-mail. I too am hoping to move to Tassie. At the moment I live in Sydney and the cost of living here is killing me. I am a nurse too and I really think I can make a go of it there with just a single income. Mind you it is just me. My kids are grown up but I think you are making the right decision and I wish you all the best. Might see around the Hospital. I hope to get a job in the NICU. Dianne.

          • Chester on said:

            Hi Diane,
            Good to hear that! I already took their offer and hoping that things will work smoothly with my papers.My behalf is a nurse pediatric icu nurse as well and she had an interview with RHH before but i think because of the cut back she didnt get the job. I am only worried coz we have two children a 5 and 2 yrs old. We hope that this will be the right move. When areu moving to tassie? Hope to see u there in RHH and i will be in Respiratory department.

  12. Hi Sarah,
    I’m absolutely loving your website! After visitng Tassie a few times in the last couple of years, my fiance and I have been dreaming of living down there… we have started applying for jobs (he’s in welfare/social work, I work for an Apprenticeships Centre), and we’re hoping to get a bite soon. We’re also looking to move to Huon Valley after falling in love with it on our last trip.
    We’re heading down there in Feb to get married in the Botanical Gardens in Hobart, can’t wait :)
    Anyway, just wanted to thankyou for your insight on moving to/living in Tassie… reading your blogs are making me almost feel like I’m already there :)
    Cheers, Peta

    • Hi Peta,

      Thanks for taking the time to come out of hiding and comment! It sounds like things are full steam ahead for you two – even getting married here?! Brilliant, good for you! What about your family? Are they coming down for the wedding?


      • Hi Sarah,
        Yes the families are coming down for the wedding, we’re very excited for them to see why we love the place so much!! It’ll only be a small wedding, about 20 guests :)
        My fiance has applied for a job in Hobart and he has a phone interview this week, so fingers crossed… maybe we’ll be down there sooner than we thought!

    • DanielleMc on said:

      Hey Peta,

      Just read your blog…….
      How did the move go to Tassie???
      I’m currently in Adelaide, hopign to move to Hobart in April-June.
      I also work in an apprenticeship centre here and back ground is job networks etc…. have you managed to find a job there in the same industry?? i never see them applying???
      Alsoooo…. i know you got married…. but did you see / meet any single ppl and receive any feedback on the “men”over there… ie: decent men!
      i hear all the men are married or bogan?!! hoping thats not the case!!! :P


      • Dale Reardon on said:

        Hi Dannii,

        I’ll say at the start that I’m male and married so can’t assist with your male quest but I can suggest you take a look at RSVP and Eharmony websites – peruse the available Tasmanian males before you decide. And don’t rubbish the internet – I met my wife on RSVP so they do work!

        Hope you move over to our nice Island!

        Tasmanian Relocation Consultant.

        • DanielleMc on said:

          awww Doh… i forgot to enter in the capthca code and lost my email reply to you Dale!!>.. good thing i type relatively fast.. lets not comment on spelling though!!
          Thanks for the suggestions Dale!! much appreciated… i tried some dating sites here in adelaide too… not much luck however…. i did also at the time have a lo9ok at the men signed up from hobart… there was like 1000 men in adelaide compared to 10 signed up from hobart!!!!…. im guessing hobart men dont use the service as much…. its refreshing and promising to hear you met your partner from the online service though!!.
          Im coming across in March so I’ll make a point of going out at night and having a perve!! :P can you suggest any decent pubs for 30+ ???
          much appreciate your time in replying and keep your fingers crossed for me!!!! i applied for a job over there and *hopefully* this week i get a phone interview… i rang up their area co-ordinator as i didnt want to be disadvantaged because im still in adelaide… let them know i could find a rental and relocate asap… so hopefully they will still consider me!!!.
          Danniiii :)

      • Good luck, Dannii!

        • DanielleMc on said:

          Hey Sarah !!!!

          Thanksssss… I will need the luck!!!

          I’m leaving it up to the universe… if tassie is the right place to move…. then my *right* man will be there too!!….

          touch wood…. otherwise ill just start breeding Devon Rex cats and become the cat lady?!!!?!

  13. Hi Sarah,

    My partner and I and our two dogs are moving from the Far North Coast of NSW to Tassie in about six weeks and we can’t wait. There is still so much to do before we go but I know it will all be worth it in the end. We will be renting in Hobart for about six months while we look for a property to purchase, we want some land so we can grow some veggies and have some animals. I wrote to you earlier in the year asking about where we might find properties with something old on them, we would still love to find a nice old stone or timber building on some land and will be searching for this once we get there.

    I was down there last week for a couple of days and went to a few agents to see about renting. After talking to quite a few, I was starting to worry that we would never find somewhere that would let us have the dogs, but I spoke to one agent who was confident she could find us something so fingers crossed. Things are looking promising for work for my partner, hopefully he will hear back this week and I will just keep looking until I find something!

    Thanks for all the information you have put on this site, it has been really useful over the past six months and has provided me with many answers, you have done a brilliant job on it. We are really looking forward to starting our new life in Tasmania and are both now counting the days!


    • Hi Karyn,

      I am very glad that I’ve been able to answer some of your questions.

      Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on your progress!


    • Lucie Spiteri on said:

      Hi Karyn,
      Thank you for your information. I was interested to hear you did good research of finding good agents as well as you having two dogs. We are also relocating to Tassie next year with two dogs and will need to find good agents that will understand. Can you let me know which agents you decided on?
      We are looking to eventually buy in the Hobart vicinity.
      Thank you for your thoughts, advice and information.


  14. Deborah on said:

    Have been back in Tassie for about 8 months…lived here back in the 80’s (husband is Tasmanian) then moved to Cairns NQ which is where I grew up, we decided to move back to Tassie as the cost of housing and some living expenses is less than the far north of Qld & we wanted to do the whole grow your own veges, chickens etc thing( damn the gourmet farmer). Did we do the right thing? Sometimes I think we did but I must admit I struggle with the cold…and please don’t say ‘you just need to rug up’…there aren’t enough clothes in the world to keep me warm here! As a consequence I tend to hibernate and dream about the tropics (Flame Trees played on the radio recently and I bawled like a baby), we more or less burned our bridges moving here so I just hope I get to like it more, but a word of caution to those about to move here…don’t underestimate the cold, especially if moving from a really warm part of the country.

  15. steven on said:

    Suddenly I am about to be divorced and loose home etc . I will be starting out again at 56 years of age with nothing materially . I have felt the draw of tasmania beckoning and dont have the resources to visit first and then decide because of the speed at which this has happened so i will just travel to Tasmania and hope i can find what i am looking for .

  16. Good luck with your move Steven , i decided to reply really because no one else did

  17. Hi Steve

    Not sure if by now you have made the move but just do it. After 5 years plus travelling around the world (in my forties then) and finding the kindness of strangers, I feel sure that things will work and you should never let the fear of the unknown put you off. Nearly 55 years old now, and things are worrying me less and less with the realisation that basic things, feeling calm inside and good friends are valuable items that rich people often don’t have. Good Luck!!

  18. Hi Karyn,

    I have just found Sarah’s website and read your post (great job Sarah and I will visit your market at Salamanca next time I go). I moved here from the Mid North Coast of NSW in March 2009.

    Renting first is a great idea, some areas look great when you visit but live there for 6 months and you will soon learn whether you like the area enough to buy or not.

    We rented for 9 months through two different real estate agencies and they both accepted our dog. It took a few emails and phone calls to find the right agents that understood that dog owners can be great tenants and it all worked out in the end. We ended up buying a house 2 streets away from where we were renting.

    We are only 5 minutes away from Hobart CBD living on the eastern shore so if anyone needs to know what areas are good and which ones to avoid just ask.

    I hope that you have found somewhere to rent and are on your way to your new life in Tassie. I didn’t know anyone down here before I moved so we had to figure it out along the way. The experience of renting and buying property was quite different to what I was used to in NSW and I wish I had been able to have the benefit of Sarah’s website before I moved. At least I may be able to contribute something that will help anyone thinking about moving here in the future.

    You have chosen a beautiful time of year to move here, no humidity! Hope it all goes well for you.


    • Hi Kerry,

      Thanks for your post. We finally arrived a week ago today. We found a place to rent and the dogs are settling in well (so are we!) It has been a big move but we are happy to be here at last and looking forward to discovering everything about Tasmania.

      We will take a few months to relax before we even begin to consider purchasing, we had no idea how exhausting the move would be so I think some recovery time is needed.

      We also don’t know anyone down here so it was a little daunting leaving many friends behind but it seems the local are pretty friendly so I’m hoping it won’t take too long to meet some like-minded people!

      I certainly won’t miss the humidity of the Far North Coast and yes, I think this is a good time of year to arrive to give ourselves time to get used things before our first winter (I’ve heard that if you survive your first winter you’ll be fine!). We have no intention of going anywhere, I think we are now living in one of the most beautiful places in the world and I feel very lucky :)

      Thanks again,

  19. I would like some advise from those that have moved to Tassie ‘leaving’ family behind.We are keen to move to Tassie and have had holidays there several times but feel like our family are laying doubts about the move. I don’t have a problem with the seperation and would enjoy the short holiday visits back to Victoria. I have grown children and one grandchild- often minding the grandchild on weekends. How have you handled the seperation of family and did you have to cope with family stress about you leaving?


    • Hi Jill,

      If moving to Tasmania is something that you want to do then go for it and don’t take on board your family members’ stress or anxiety – goodness knows through the moving process you will have enough of your own stress and anxiety to deal with! I truly believe that we as individuals create our own happiness.

      Hope this helps.


  20. I thought of moving to Tasmania even went through the process of getting a job in health care in Hobart. My partner who is also a doctor was moving to Tasmania with me, we went down purchased a property and it was all going to plan. What happened? Well as we already knew the health system in Australia was and in part still remains in crisis….but in Tasmania it is worse than thought. My partner could not find full time work as a medical practitioner, the health service would only give out 12 week contracts, even though the health service had promised to advertise for full time medical practitioners, but 12 months on still no advertisements were placed. My potential employer was kind and absolutely wonderful and kept my job offer open for over 12 months but in the end my partner still could not find full time work. The only work on offer was a 6.5 hour locum once a fortnight. My partner took the position which meant purchasing a flight every 2 weeks from Sydney. This was very dysfunctional and was putting a lot of stress on our relationship, financially it did not matter as we had placed a time limit this type of work life imbalance, unfortunately we both could not find work in Tasmania and we felt gutted. We came to the realisation that It was not meant to be….and long distance relationships well they are doomed to fail so I have had to make the horrible decision to advise my employer that I will no longer be coming to Tasmania to work and live because my partner can not get full time work. I love Tasmania and adore the lifestyle and think that we will move to Tasmania when we go into our golden years in about 25 years. To those that have made the move good luck to you. I look forward to living in Tasmania in the years to come.

    • Hi Dennis,

      Thank you for telling us your story. It sounds like you had a very frustrating time trying to obtain a position down here. I would have thought that for professionals you wouldn’t have had to go through such fuss. It is true that there are a lot of contract positions or casual positions down here but they very often become full-time or permanent part-time jobs once you get into the job. I’m really sorry that you had to deal with that and that it wasn’t meant to be. Best wishes for the future.


  21. Wendy Goss on said:

    Hi,My husband (55) and I (54) have purchased 7 acres in Rocky Cape (nth west Tas)20 kms from Wynyard .He wants to sell up in S.A. and build a strawbale house in 2013 but I still have reservations, as he’s a butcher and has a full-time job, (which he hates) but that means we’ll be unemployed until one of us gets a job.I wonder if there are many jobs and if we’d be entitled to any Centrelink benefits at all while we look and if we’d have to wait for the payments because he gave up a full time job? Does anyone have any advise.Also does anyone know of strawbale builders in the north west tas? Thanks Wendy

    • Hi Wendy,

      I wouldn’t imagine that there are many jobs available in the north west. I assume that you might only be entitled to Centrelink benefits if you’ve been made redundant and you are physically or mentally unable to obtain other employment. Best to give Centrelink a call or go onto their website. As for the strawbale houses, I googled and found this website: . They might be able to help build your house.

      Hope this helps!


  22. Andrew on said:


    or seek or career one

    Good luck!

  23. Hi Sarah, I hope you did well at the MOMA Market. Where abouts is the Museum? I will be down in Hobart on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of Feb. Can’t afford any more time or money unfortunately. As the 25th is a Sat. will try to get to the Markets. Would be great to meet you. Best Wishes, Dianne

    • Hi Dianne,

      MONA is located at: 651-655 Main Road, Berriedale. I’ve got a spot at Salamanca on the 25th – I’ll be on the slope that leads up to Davey Street, about 6 or 7 tents from the top. Look forward to seeing you if you can make it!


  24. Chester on said:

    Hi Sarah,

    I just want to ask for any information about moving stuff like boxes of clothes, toys etc.. Small boxes from Ireland to tasmania.

    Any forwarders you can recommend will be appreciated.


    • Sarah on said:

      Hi Chester, I have seen trucks carrying containers around Hobart with “Toll Global” on them. They obviously come by sea. Might be worth an inquiry.

  25. hi we would like to move to Launceston 2012. Doesnt anyone know how the job scene is for primary school teachers? Casual or full time. Does anyone know which suburbs to avoid there? Or, which suburbs are pleasant, short distance to town etc?

  26. Hi Chester ,

    I have just moved to the Tassie with a job at the Royal , its a beautiful place you’ll love it . Let me know if you need any help with getting around the city when your here. Id be happy to help , since It was very difficult when I got here , but things always do get better. While I was at HR , they mentioned you coming , since you are one of their overseas recruits , I hope things have gone well with the visa .


  27. Chester on said:

    Thanks sarah for your recommendation. I found one from Ireland and they can ship all my stuff from Ireland.

    @Bianca, I will be flying on the 10th of May and I am a excited but a bit anxious coz I don’t know the place, thank god you found me here, I will be in touch with you when I get there. Did the hospital provide you a temporary accommodation?

    • Hi Chester ,

      I’ll be more than happy to help , I know how hard it was for me when I moved here , and I wouldn’t want you to have to do that , I’ll help you as much as I can . Well the hospital did provide accommodation but now Cardiac and Respiratory have split . Even if they don’t , there is no need to worry . There is a place called the Fountainside which is where I stayed like 2 mins from the Hospital. We can call and book you there .

      my email id is [removed]

      How will you be arriving from the Airport ?

      Did they mention anything about relocation expenses??

      Happy to help

  28. Belinda McKenna on said:

    My husband and I moved to Tasmania from Brisbane just over a week ago. We are living in Launceston, and out of town at Swan Bay, renting to start with. I have been watching the advertised jobs on Career One, Seek and the local newspaper, but once again have found it more beneficial to walk in and hand over my CV, face to face. I have found the locals in Launceston to often say it is difficult to find work because they are cutting back staff due to business closures. I dont listen to them because I have a positive attitude, and every-one is different, with different qualifications. Has there been any groups started for meeting people and making friends via this website, of mainland movers? It would be great to have a coffee and talk about the challenges and ask questions face-to-face! The shift was massive! Bel

    • Hi Belinda
      wow I am so excited for you to have moved!! We are sitting here looking at real estate in Launceston. Just waiting for me to finish uni in October and then want to be down there as well! How do the locals feel about you moving in? I’ve heard they are a bit ‘put out’ by the mainlanders invading? I have a 16yrs old son and it worries me about what young people down there do for work. Any way I figure its all about lifestyle. Clean air, space to move, proximity to reallt cool places to walk etc. cheers

  29. Belinda McKenna on said:

    “Leap of Faith” is what my husband and I have called our shift to Launceston. We are different to most people because we moved here to have a life and not to live in the city any-more. In the last 7 years we have lived in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane trying to save enough money to move to Launceston. We are in our 40’s and dont have children, and not at retirement age, need to work and adjust to the cold while we dont have arthritis! My husband has a full-time job he secured on arrival, and I after only looking for a week, have my first interview today. We used to live next to a family with 9 screaming children on one side and 4 on the other, at last we can only hear birds! We are finally here! Hi from Bel

  30. Susan on said:

    Well after reading this website for the past six months we are finally getting ready for the big shift to Launceston. I have never been so scared about shifting before (we shifted from NZ to South Australia 5 years ago) as we don’t know anyone and is a bit daunting ‘starting over’ again. My husband has a start date in mid July so are just finishing our renovation on our property before we can rent it, then we will try and find a decent rental in Launceston close to the hospital. We are both nurses but I’m not sure of the job situation for me – it all seems a bit gloomy in the media so am hoping it won’t be so bad on arrival. I would love to catch up with new arrivals in Launceston, maybe we can start a ‘coffee club’ Bel! Susan from SA. : )

  31. Kellie cheers on said:

    Hi there Sarah and all,
    Well thought i would just put down a “bit” of our story. We gave just signed on the dotted line…… Settlement day 10th jan 2013. So excited, but scare as well. Like many we have visited Tassie often, and have spoke of moving there……well it’s finally happening, we are an “older” couple, and have 3 young boys. So i feel especially because of uprooting the boys it has been a huge decision. But life is short, my last conversation with dad who was dying of cancer was about living your life, and how is short. He died the next morning. My hubby survived a major heart attack also. Ypu never know what is mapped out for you? But why sit and wonder what if?? So we are going to ” see ” what happens. Leaving family behind is hard, my mum, but what an adventure, we are only a short trip away over the water after all. So we are moving, presently filling enrolment forms in for the boys school. We have decided to move most of our gear over there, removalist booked, ferry booked. Can’t bloody wait!! Just SO hope we will enjoy it!! Hope it will work out, we do love Tassie, were so sad to come back, and we do live in a beautiful part of Victoria, Lakes Entrance. Anyway will keep going, think lm in shock that it’s actually happening! Cheers, kellie :))

  32. joanne on said:

    Kellie My house in Sydney has just been sold with settlement about the same time as yours. We are going to Launceston as well. Great adventure but scary leaving some loved ones behind. We have decided to hire a truck and drive our own furniture there. Don’t have enough stuff to justify a $5000 removalist! Busy getting a list of to do’s together. Are you buying or renting to start with? Keep me updated with your progress…Cheers Jo

    • kellie cheers on said:

      Hi Jo…… We have actually bought a place!! We weren’t going to, but this place “spoke to me”………..funnily enough we farm/housesat for 2 wks in the area………..loved it thought how nice the people were etc…then moved on for 2 wks of “looking/holidaying” where we had always thought we’d end up…..anyway heaps of properties later, we are driving home….1/2 hr away and i was looking on my phone at the realestate(i have been obsessed with it)…and see this place that had come up for sale 3 days earlier and back in the area that we farmsat……………………..cut a long story short, 3 days later, boys back at school, hubby and I fly over for look, stay over night, put offer in…the rest is history………… was like it was meant to be! Anyway we havent sold here yet, but trying, but will rent out…………….not perfect, but want to be over there for the boys to start a fresh year at the school. Yes, it’s all $$ now…..but all good :))) Please keep me posted too, it’s nice to hear how someone else is going…….cheers, kellie.

  33. kellie cheers on said:

    Susan from SA……….are you in Tassie, did you start that coffee “club”……..if so would love to have a cuppa one day after we move………….Cheers, Kellie.

    • kellie cheers on said: again, just realised are you the Primary School teacher that I spoke to earlier this year???

      • joanne on said:

        yes Kellie its me!!! I bet you are so excited! Going to Launceston mid Nov to find somewhere to rent, talk to school, etc Keep me updated with your progress. I am overwhelmed with what has to be done!! Where did you buy? Cheers Jo

  34. I am just in the throes of putting my house on the market (finally!!!) to fund the big move south. I am moving from the Blue mountains so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a removalist. Dianne

    • joanne on said:

      Dianne I too have just sold and heading down. However the removalists charges are enormous. I have considered ditching everything and starting fresh. The cheapest I have is $5000 and I don’t have much stuff!! I also inquired about those pod things to pack yourself, but no one ships to Tassie! We have decided to hire a truck to drive ourselves and then we will try to drop the truck back at Melbourne. $1000 for 5days for a 3 tonne pantec. I am worried about getting on the ferry during the Christmas break though???!!! Where are you headed? Cheers Jo

      • Hi Joanne,

        Have you got your ferry trip booked? At Christmas time the ferry is usually packed for weeks in advance so if you haven’t already booked up then please ring them today to see if there are any spots.

        Also, be careful about the truck hire. When we moved we enquired about hiring a truck but they were pretty strict on not allowing the truck to be taken off of mainland Australia. Which company are you hiring through?


        • joanne on said:

          Thanks Sarah but I do not have my settlement date until 5nov. So until then I am just marking time. I am concerned about getting onto the boat. I will get a quote from this Atkins mob as advised by Di, I think. I was able to get an online quote so thought the truck could go outside the mainland?! Will see the trucking people tomorrow in person. I hardly have any stuff to move. Am a bit overwhelmed by everything that has to be attended to.

          • Kellie cheers on said:

            Hi Jo,
            Yep, we are going with Atkins. We initially quoted online, then i think “scott” rang and made up an inventory as i went from room to room telling him what we needed to take. We had an email and quote via email an he later. He told me they have 3 permanent trucks based in Melbourne, thus i suppose making the tassie move matbe easier & cheaper. Anyway sounds like it’s all happening, best of luck,

  35. Kellie cheers on said:

    Hi Di, we have just booked Atkins removalists of Tassie, they are based in Launceston. We had a few quotes, they were the cheapest, and i’ve heard good reports. Good luck with all of it. Kellie :))

  36. Kellie cheers on said:

    Hi me again, one of the removalists we looked at actually were going to get our gear to Melbourne, then hand over to a transport company to ship over, so most probably would do that?
    Jo, moving to Lilydale, north of Launceston….. A beautiful little town, feels like u are miles away…. But only about 30 mins from Launceston. Lilydale District School seems great, fingers crossed, kindy-year 10. About 400 students. 5 minutes from our house to be!! :)))

  37. Just sharing some experiences that may be helpful.
    We have been here 3 weeks now and came from Toowoomba (Qld). We used Prices (who are based in Launceston), but allied with Chess Removals. Interestingly the quote from the Launceston group was thousands less than the Toowoomba based group. No guessing which we chose! They were approx $2,800 for the equiv of a 2 br unit. Everything arrived just as we’d packed it. I wish we’d sent more though because just replacing little things, brooms, ironing board, pegs, basic kitchen supplies etc is mounting up and I’m sure would have been cheaper to send with the removalist.
    If you are renting, my next advice would be to get a credit check done before you come. No real estate agent would let us apply for a house without one and it takes at least 24 hours to get. Also, it was much harder to get a house in Hobart than we expected and we are approx 30 mins out. We looked at over 40 houses in 7 days – one had at least 15 people at an ‘open home’.
    It is nice to be settled though and we are looking forward to life in Tassie :)

    • joanne on said:

      Susan I live in Sydney and want to move to Launceston around Christmas time. I have just made the decision to sell everything owing to the price of removalists. However, I might have to check a quote with the guys you used. That is an unreal quote!! I have been monitoring the space on the Spirit as per Sarah’s advise, and am getting a bit anxious. My purchaser has jut requested an extension on the cooling off period. Wait and see. Might be still in Sydney for New Year!

  38. Kellie cheers on said:

    Hi susan, great to hear you have “made it”. Glad to hear you say about the bits & pieces like kitchen gear pegs etc…We have decided to bring most little necessities wirh us, we weren’t at first though, but i reckon all of those little things would add up. I too can’t wait to begin our life in Tassie, but it’s all a tad daunting. Best wishes to you :))